2 day Cape Trib & Rock Art Info

Billy Tea Bush Safaris offers two unique day tours for a discounted price. 

Visit Daintree & Cape Tribulation in one day and Chillagoe and Aboriginal Rock Art in the Outback on a second day.

Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation:

  • 4WD 7 kilometres up the Bloomfield Track
  • 1 Hour Daintree River Cruise
  • Freshwater swim at Emmagen Creek
  • Hand feed wallabies
  • Lunch at a freshwater creek
  • Alexandra Range Lookout
  • Small & personalised

Chillagoe & Outback landscape  National Park Ranger guided cave tour.  The fossilized remains of the ancient coral reefs with hidden limestone labyrinths give a portal to a lost world. Millions of years in the making, the limestone formations are nothing short of spectacular.
Chillagoe Smelters - Delve into the history of the copper smelters.  Visit the remains of the once mighty smelters to ponder what it was like working there. 

  • Aboriginal Rock Art
  • Balancing Rock
  • Granite Gorge

Daintree Rainforest & Cape Tribulation Safari tour includes:  

  • Return hotel transfers from Cairns or Northern Beaches at 7:00am
  • Return to hotel at approximately 6:30pm
  • Environmentalist driver guide
  • High clearance, custom built, air-conditioned 4WD vehicle
  • Maximum 16 passengers
  • Daintree River Cable ferry crossing
  • Morning Tea
  • 1 hour Daintree River Cruise to observe local wildlife including the Estuarine Crocodiles 
  • Alexandra Range lookout
  • Guided National Park walks with your guide offering interesting flora and fauna interpretation
  • Tropical BBQ lunch with freshly made salads
  • Hand feed kangaroos
  • 4WD the "Bloomfield Track" go beyond Cape Tribulation
  • Emmagen Freshwater Creek - You have the opportunity to take a refreshing swim. Look for fish and turtles in the creek, butterflies and exotic birds in the trees and often Goannas on the forest floor.
  • Tropical fruit tasting and a complimentary glass of white wine or savour a cup of Traditional Billy Tea
  • Cape Tribulation Beach there is a little time to swim (seasonal) or stroll along the beach and boardwalk where the Rainforest meets the Reef.
  • Chillagoe Caves & Outback Day Tour

    • Return hotel transfers from Cairns or Northern Beaches at 7:00am
    • Return to hotel at approximately 6:30pm
    • Chillagoe Cave tour
    • National Park Ranger guided. 
    • Fossilized remains of the ancient coral reefs
    • Spectacular limestone labyrinths 
    • Chillagoe copper smelters 
    • Aboriginal Rock Art
    • Balancing Rock
    • Granite Gorge
    • Hand feed wallabies
    • Lunch at genuine historical Australian Outback Pub
    • Tropical fruit tasting platter for afternoon tea
    • Aussie style morning tea at Dimbulah

      Board the custom built 4WD vehicle and travel through wetlands and agriculturally rich and fertile tablelands, before crossing over the Great Divide and into the Western watershed.  Take a step back in time as you travel through historical towns such as Dimbulah.  Rolling hills rich in minerals eventually give way to towering limestone karsts scattered around Chillagoe Township. 
      - A reasonable level of fitness is required for this tour as there are steps into the caves.
      - Please ensure that you wear appropriate closed in footwear for the cave tour.  No thongs or high heels on this tour. 
      - The tour may be closed or itinerary changed due to the wet season where conditions may close roads and access to the caves.

      2 day Cape Trib & Rock Art Gallery

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